YouFoodz isn’t a diet ✧ it’s a lifestyle.

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If you have a crazy lifestyle like mine and you sometimes you don’t have time to cook- YouFoodz is perfect. ✬
Their menu has so many types of fresh meals, juices, & snacks to choose from.

This collaboration was a fun one! I got to choose anything I wanted from the YouFoodz website from their meals, snacks and/or drinks. Once I received the goods it was hard not to demolish everything at once. It was a perfect time in my life to get these because I was on the road and as you can imagine -it’s hard to prep meals healthy meals while traveling. Everything was so good and fresh! My partner Alex even loved it. When we get back to Brisbane, I will definitely be ordering some more YouFoodz! 

YouFoodz App for iOS 
Download the YouFoodz App and it’s super easy to order your food in minutes! 
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