Tropical North Queensland

Personal Favourites from TNQ

I currently live in Townsville, a coastal city in North Eastern Queensland. My favourite thing about North Queensland is that it has many different things to offer. On the west side we have the tropical rainforest that is filled with waterfalls, gorges, creeks and many, many hidden gems. On the east side we have the famous Great Barrier Reef. If you are an ocean lover, grab your snorkel and jump in. If not, there are heaps of islands to explore along the coast.  If you ever get the chance to come to this gem, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. The only downfall is the weather in the summer, it can get really humid and gross.

Personally, i’m in love with chasing waterfalls. Whenever i’m travelling somewhere new, the first thing I look for are the waterfalls in the area. If you are interested in the waterfalls in TNQ please click ⌲ here


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